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Wedding Toasts: How to Plan Ahead and Make Them A Success for You and Your Guests

Toasts are one of the best ways for family members and friends to hear personal stories about you and your significant other. And we love them! They can be fun, sentimental, and entertaining. But we have likely all been at a wedding or two where the toasts dragged on. And please don't get us wrong, we know that the people giving the toast have the best intentions. They are excited and want to celebrate you!

But often, toasts can become repetitive if they are too long per person. Then your guests start to lose their attention and the toaster might not even realize it.

So, what's the solution? After hearing hundreds of toasts, here is what we recommend to make them the right length, not repetitive, and fun for everyone involved!

☀️ Let the person you are worried about taking the longest go FIRST and ensure they know they are going first and have a cut-off time. If they go last, they will not give up the mic.

☀️ Set a cut-off time. We PROMISE this does not take away from the sentimental part of a toast. If you don't set a time, people will write pages and pages and then go off script and if you multiply that by 4 toasters, half of your reception time is gone.

☀️ Have a few people make a toast at the rehearsal dinner. If you have anyone who isn't a fan of public speaking, this is a great way to give them a chance to toast you with fewer eyes on them.

The main takeaway? Prep your toasters! Giving them a heads-up helps them feel prepared and equipped, easing any nerves you might have around reception timing!


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