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A Non-Traditional Garden Wedding in Los Angeles for Alyssa & Tom

Every wedding we get to be a part of is special, but when it is a personal friend it is on a whole new level. Alyssa and Tom are two of the most stylish and dynamic people and their wedding was no different. They wanted their wedding to be non-traditional in so many ways, and with each decision they made they were able to do that! They walked into the ceremony together, their bridal party attire was bright and unique to each person, Alyssa added a fitted tuxedo jacket to her dinner look and changed dresses when it came time for the dance party, and they forged ahead for an outdoor ceremony and dinner on a cloudy LA day in March (here's to moving ceremony chairs outside 10 minutes before guest arrival!) They kept traditional details minimal and focused instead on creating a great atmosphere for guests with great food, and a great party.

Our goal with each couple is to find out the things that matter most to you and make sure we're helping you bring those aspects to the wedding day. We are providing logistical and design expertise and we're pairing that with your priorities to create a day that feels like the two of you!

Planning Team: @joyfullygathered

Rentals: @lapinataparty

Entertainment: @dartcollective


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