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Need to Know Makeup and Hair Tips from Beauty on Set

As much as we love to design and plan a wedding weekend, one of the best parts of our job is working with talented business owners who are incredible at their craft and their client experience.

Not only have we worked multiple wedding days with this vendor but she has done our glam for our brand shoots and we are blown away every time we work with her and her team!

Meet Olivia, the co-founder and CEO of Beauty on Set.

Beauty on Set specializes in soft, elevated glam. They have two teams: 1. The NorCal team that services Napa Valley, Sonoma, San Francisco, Santa Rosa and beyond. 2. The Mendocino team that takes care of their coastal brides.

As you will see below, Olivia's team does incredible work but one of their strongest qualities from our perspective is the level of professionalism their team has. Your hair and makeup team impacts the energy in the getting-ready space on a wedding day. Not only are they a calming presence but they are on time, organized and efficient which helps the entire day run smoothly.

We asked Olivia a few questions about her experience in the industry to give you tips on your glam for your wedding day.

Tell us a little about you! Who you are, where you are from, etc.

I am Olivia Madison Meyer, the co-founder and CEO of Beauty on Set. I’m a small-town girl from Martinez, CA. Over 10 years ago I started Beauty on Set with my sis and BFF, Mollie, who I do everything with. I am a plant mom, yoga junkie, amateur gardener and holistic health nut. My work at Beauty on Set goes beyond beauty, but being able to connect with others and celebrate life together! I feel like every year I meet a bunch of new girlfriends that I get to cheer on and I love it!

What is your specialty?

Our team specializes in soft, elevated glam. We like to think of ourselves as “the sweet spot” of bridal glam. Not too much, not too little but just enough to make our brides feel like the best versions of themselves. We offer both hair and makeup services and love to create cohesive looks for our brides.

What trends are you seeing for your 2024 couples that you are excited about?

Everything is SOFTER! And as soft glam girls, we love this! We are seeing less defined looks and more defused looks. This even trickles down to hair. The Hollywood waves have been very popular and now we are seeing less structured waves and more bouncy and flowy waves. But the biggest "trend" that I am loving, and one that I hope is here to stay, is our brides really embracing who they are and it is reflected in their vision for hair and makeup. Our brides want less transformative looks and instead are opting for hair and makeup that enhances their natural beauty. As an artist, it’s so satisfying to see our brides practicing self-love and stepping into their marriage feeling good about themselves.

What is your favorite advice to give a couple about your specific industry?

Hire people you trust and are excited to work with! This will bring your stress levels down so much! What we as vendors want the most is for you to step into the role as a guest at your own wedding. The more you can let go and have trust, the more you will be able to enjoy the process! When you start getting too into the weeds (hey, it happens!), take a step back and remind yourself of what is most important which is you marrying the love of your life. Look at everything else as a bonus. Start from a place of love and gratitude and keep reminding yourself of that.

What is a current dream for a wedding that you would love to work on?

Travel is a huge passion of mine so doing a destination wedding in Europe would be a dream for me! Destination weddings are so fun because I typically do multiple looks for my brides and being able to travel to different places and curate looks based on each destination’s vibe would be a bucket list!

You can view more of Beauty on Set's work here:

We can't wait to work more weddings with the Beauty on Set team this year!

The photos you see are all from weddings we have worked together with Liv and her team.


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