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Ideas for Exits for Your Wedding Ceremony

In many ancient cultures, rice was considered a symbol of fertility, abundance, and sustenance. By showering the newlyweds with rice, guests wished them a fruitful and bountiful life together. This practice was especially prevalent in cultures where rice was a staple crop.

Though throwing rice on a couple is less common now, having a fun exit celebration is still a great way for your guests to celebrate you in your first few moments as newlyweds!

Here are some ideas for what you can provide your guests with at their seats for your walk back down the aisle:

1. Flower Petals: Flower petals are an easy addition to a floral order and always make for great photos!

2. Colorful Confetti: This can be in small cones that your guests can toss on to you. We recommend eco-friendly options like biodegradable confetti to ensure that you can leave a cheerful mark without harming the environment.

3. Streamer Poppers: Similar to confetti, poppers explode open with streamers that are still attached to the popper. These can typically be really long and dramatic but can make for easier cleanup than confetti since the streamers are attached to the popper end.

4. Musicians: Having live musicians start to play a fun, upbeat song or even having one of them follow behind you like we have seen before with a saxophonist following behind in celebration, offering music is a great way to set the energy for cocktail hour.

Planning + Design: @joyfullygathered

Venue: @concannonvineyard

Photo: @sydneemariephoto

Video: @amariproductions

Catering: @onthevinecatering

Rentals: @pleasantonrentals

Floral: @thebloombarco

Entertainment: @amospro

Hair + Makeup: @houseofglampro


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