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Five of Our Favorite Guest Book Ideas

With so much going on during the wedding day, it can be hard to remember everyone who attended. The guest book serves as a tangible reminder of the wedding day and all of the people who celebrated with you! These are some of our favorite guest book ideas that our couples have done over the past few years.

  1. After The Tone: The most unique and special way for guests to tell you their well wishes. Guests pick up the phone, leave you a voicemail and after the wedding you get all of the recordings!

  2. Polaroid Book: Who doesn't love a polaroid picture? And how fun for your guests to snap a selfie and leave you a love note! Check out our blog post below to shop for the items you need.

  3. Engagement Photo Album: You took some incredible engagement photos, now what do you do with them? Print them in an album and have your guests sign it!

  4. Coffee Table Book: Buying a coffee table book of something unique to the two of you - like the city you got engaged in, a hobby you have together, or maybe just a decor book that you love. This style of book doesn't scream ‘tacky guest book’ and can be displayed in your home forever!

  5. Wine Bottles or Barrel Topper: Getting married at a winery? Have your guests sign a barrel topper from the winery or purchase a magnum bottle of wine as your toast wine and have guests sign the bottle.

The images above have been pulled from past weddings we have planned.


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