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Ceremony to Reception Space Flip at Bernardus Lodge & Spa

Carmel Valley, an outdoor reception, and gardens all around the property...what's not to love about this stunning day at Bernardus Lodge for Martina and Jon?!

Martina and John had a space flip to transform their ceremony space into their reception space. Bernardus Lodge is a great venue for this option on a wedding day because of three reasons:

  1. Cocktail Hour Location: The cocktail hour area was hidden and completely separate from the ceremony/reception space so guests didn't see the flip happening. Because it was outdoors and separated, there was no need for additional partitions like a curtain that would be needed to flip an indoor space.

  2. Smaller Guest Count: Martina and Jon had a smaller guest count which is a great way to make a successful flip happen. Smaller guest counts help the vendors who are flipping the space to have time to set up because there are fewer chairs and tables which leads to fewer florals, dinnerware, and signage to be set up.

  3. Environment and Views: Bernardus Lodge is a BEAUTIFUL spot. The ceremony location has the best views of both the gardens and the mountains. The sunset is one of the best parts of being at that venue so it was a no-brainer to flip the space so that guests could continue to enjoy the environment around them.

JG Pro tip: Be sure to check on your venues' music limitations before deciding on an outdoor reception. Many venues in Northern California have a music/noise ordinance for the evening hours so indoor options are sometimes better for dancing if you are planning on going late into the night with your party!

Congratulations, Martina and Jon! Thank you to the amazing vendor team listed below who helped make this day happen!

Vendor Team:

Coordination + Design: @joyfullygathered

Venue + Catering: @bernarduslodge

Videography: @vowandcovenant

Florals: @gavitaflora

Hair & Makeup: @bayareabeautiful

Wedding Day Paper Goods + Signage: @paigeandpen


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