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Baby Boy Baby Shower with Gingham Pattern and White and Green Florals

This baby shower was the perfect example of why adding modern design touches to a baby shower can make such an impact! Pinterest can be a scary rabbit hole of all the baby shower games, backdrops, phrases, and themes. For this shower, we wanted to keep the design elevated and modern while still adding 'true' baby shower elements like games and gifts.

The space, Range Life Livermore, is already an amazing space and delicious restaurant. So, the foundation we were working with was already great! But, once we brought in bud vases for the tables, gingham napkins, and custom signage, it completely transformed the space!

Thank you to the great vendor team listed below for making this day happen!

Vendor Team:

Planning + Design: @joyfullygathered

Napkins: @bbjlatavola

Coffee Beans: @storycoffeeco


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