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3 Ways to Add Personal Touches to Your Cocktails

Bringing your personality into your reception can be a fun way to show off more of you and your partner's hobbies, favorite places, interests, and more. Here are 3 ways to bring your personality into your cocktails!

🌸 Personalized cocktail stirrers like the ones pictured here from @shimmerandstain - we watched so many guests take photos of their cocktails because of this fun touch!

🌸 Incorporating something unique about the area you are getting married in - if lavender is planted around your venue you could do a cocktail with lavender as a main ingredient.

🌸 Naming the cocktails after places you love or your fur babies at home! It's a fun ode to who you are and what you love.

Photos by @scottanddanaphotographers, see the full blog post of this day here!


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